Biteback Products ‘Neem Supreme’™ Strong and Long Lasting Fly And Midge Repellent, 20% Icaridin, 1 Litre SPRAY


Effectively takes on all flies (including horse flies) and biting insects
Strongest fly repellent in the Biteback range
Extremely safe to use around other animals and humans

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Neem Supreme is a highly effective insect repellent, hand made in the UK by Biteback Products. Ingredients include 20% Icaridin, the World Health Organisation’s preferred repellent which resembles the natural compound piperine, an essential oil in black pepper and 1% Neem Oil, itself a gentle and effective natural repellent. It also contains moisturisers and softeners which help calm the skin and reduce reaction to bites. Economical in use due to its adjustable Canyon industrial trigger spray: a 1000ml spray should last 4 weeks applied daily in high summer. How to apply: Use straight from bottle, no need to dilute or mix. Always 24 hour patch test first, when using a new product. Spray evenly on exposed areas once or twice a day depending on season and weather conditions. For face, spray onto a soft cloth or hand before applying. Hand made in the UK, cruelty-free and vegan. 2019
Prevents bites and bothering: 20% Icaridin formula effectively repels biting bugs such as midges, mosquitoes, horse-flies and ticks
No need to keep re-applying: lasts 7 – 8 hours, even after sweating
Avoid sunburn risk: non oily, non-greasy formula
Peace of mind: no DEET or toxins means it’s safe and gentle to use. Also no unnecessary fragrances or preservatives
Planet friendly: 100% pesticide free, will not harm birds and bees

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