Wonder Care Genuine Leather Crossover | Crossunder English Bitless Bridle Headstall with Reins


Leather Bitless Bridle with Super Grip Reins
Soft padded nose & brow band for maximum comfort
Made of high-quality Leather and Stainless Steel hardware

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The action of this bridle differs fundamentally from all other bitless bridles (the hackamores, bosals, and sidepulls). By means of a simple but subtle system of two loops, one over the poll and one over the nose, the bridle embraces the whole of the head. It can be thought of as providing the rider with a benevolent headlock on the horse (See illustration). Unlike the bit method of control, the Bitless Bridle is compatible with the physiological needs of the horse at exercise. First and foremost, it does not injure or frighten the horse, but neither does it interfere, as does the bit, with the horse’s ability to breathe and stride freely.


A squeeze on one rein (white arrow) pushes inoffensively but persuasively on the opposite half of the head (black arrows). Where the head goes, the horse follows. Horses respond better to being pushed than pulled. They also prefer to receive the aids distributed painlessly over a large area of the head than painfully and focally in the mouth, an exquisitely sensitive region.


A squeeze on both reins hugs the whole of the head and triggers a ‘submit’ response. This applies more effective brakes than that provided by a bit. The Bitless Bridle provides communication by applying painless pressure across the poll, behind the ears (a region of particular responsiveness), down the side of the face, under the chin and across the nose.

Material: 100% Vegetable Tanned (chrome free) Genuine Leather. Stainless Steel hardware. Soft Leather for browband and noseband padding.
Workmanship: Sewn on imported machines, finished and polished by hand.
Comfortable to the horse, safe, gentle and effective
Please refer to sizing chart before ordering. The bridle needs to be adjusted for the horse at the first application.

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