Twootz 50 Fat Balls For Wild Birds in Tub


50 delicious suet balls
Ideal for year round feeding
High energy bird food

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Twootz Standard Fat Balls for wild birds are made to appeal to a wide range of garden birds and to provide them with a concentrated and handy source of energy. They are manufactured from a range of locally sourced wheat, beef fat, corn and calcium specially selected to ensure your wild birds can obtain a high energy food source throughout the year. In Winter wild birds can rapidly starve if natural food sources become unavailable or scarce, in Spring and early Summer the demands of breeding and raising young place a great burden on adult birds, and during Autumn many wild birds shed their feathers, or moult, and this requires large amounts of energy. We suggest you place these fat balls in a specialist feeder and hang from a convenient branch, bird table or feeding station where you can observe a range of wild birds feeding safely. Alternatively you might try placing them whole or broken up directly on the ground or on bird tables or added to other foods for an added energy boost. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our team is always here to help with any enquiries or concerns you may have. All comments (positive or negative) are very much appreciated as it allows us to make improvements to our services and we would be very grateful if any complaints can be made via email/telephone so that we are able to action these accordingly. Please contact us on – Telephone: 0845 676 9656 Email: Office opening times are Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm)
50 delicious suet balls
Ideal for year round feeding
High energy bird food
4.6 kg in total weight

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