Folklore Flea-away 100ml 100% Safe Natural Dog Cat Flea remedy


100% Natural Flea Remedy
Suitable for Dogs & Cats & Rabbits
Can be used on pups

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Flea-Away Homeopathic Remedy Fleas: Canine and Feline fleas are different but infestation can cause immense irritation . Raw and sore areas soon develop and your pet can quickly lose condition. Mites: In cats they live on the fur or in the ears, skin can become flaky and scaly. In dogs their are three types of mite. All are contagious and soon your pet will scratch themselves raw. Pets: Flea-Away has been designed especially for Dogs and Cats. Safety Data: A traditional herbal preparation containing only natural consumable ingredients, known to be safe Ticks: Ticks tend to be a country problem, where infestations seem to be more of a problem in rough grazing, woodland areas. Ticks have a very complicated life-cycle and so are quite difficult to get rid of. Adult female ticks lay groups of eggs, which hatch to form a colony of young ticks. These attach themselves to grass stems where they wait for a host to walk by. Ticks gorge themselves on the blood of their host and takes on the appearance of a wart on the skin. Never be tempted to pick them off, as this can be very painful and often the head will remain in the host. Drop direct onto TICKS for quick release. Uses: Flea-Away can be applied directly on animals .It can also be used diluted as a household bedding and spray which helps eradicate the problem from your home. Application: Drop 1 ml on the back of the neck. A 100ml bottle used at the rate 1ml (one full pipette) weekly will last well over 1 year. For the immediate treatment of Fleas then apply daily for 1 week, then back to the weekly application. continued use is needed for the product to wok correctly
100% Natural Flea Remedy
Suitable for Dogs & Cats & Rabbits
Can be used on pups
Made in the UK
100ml bottle Lasts upto 1 year

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