Fuloon Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing Tub Bathtub Dog Cats Washer (Green/Blue, φ80*20H)

1. It’s suitable for larger dogs, the foldable material can hold up all that well for any dog even over fifteen pounds and the bottom is enough solid. It’s also suitable For chewers, the foldable sides are covered in waterproof PVC and the interior of the panels is also PVC material instead of heavy-duty cardboard, it will be more durable than other style of the pool in market .
2. Foldable , small size when fold, eays to store,Can take bath for your dog when outdoor or travelling
3. Size S Weight: 1900g , 20cm/8inch(High) x 80cm/32inch (fence diameter), Size M Weight: 4500g, 30cm/12inch(High) x 120cm/47inch (fence diameter)

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Description: This PVC Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub is made to sit on both patios and lawns for versatile use. It comes in small, medium, larger and extra large sizes. Size A: High 20cm/8inch, 60cm/24inch diameter fenced Size B: High 20cm/8inch, 80cm/32inch diameter fenced Size C: High 20cm/8inch, 100cm/39inch diameter fenced Size D: High 20cm/8inch, 120cm/47inch diameter fenced You’ll be able to fold it up and put it in the garage or a closet once the end of summer gets here while saving some space. It’s still remarkably large for how small it folds up into, and sure to provide your dogs with some summertime cooling and recreation. If you do have smaller dogs, you’re sure to love watching them romp around and enjoy themselves in the summer. It holds up remarkably well provided you only let small dogs in it and they aren’t chewers. The space saving feature is nice as well. If you’ve got smaller dogs and not a lot of space, take a closer look at this one and you won’t be disappointed. Also, if you have children, you can use it as a Kiddie pools, it can bring your kids great joy in this pool. A Great Place to Play – Give water-loving dogs their own special place to splash and play with this unique and easy-to-use Cool Pup dog pool. Note: Please always put up on a hard smooth surface, no sharp items underneath. It keeps the bottom stretched mostly flat, avoid tears caused by sharp items and likely prevents dog nails catching it and maybe causing a tear. Cannot drag the pool after loading water Cannot lift the pool after filling the water When releasing water, slowly put it with a water plug, or use a small basin to pick up some water first. When there is little water, you can slowly lift it from the side and pour the water.
3. Keep Dogs Cool or Children Play Happy in the Hot Weather
4. Built-in drainage plug, Fast drainage
Size S: Weight: 1900g, high 20cm/8inch, 80cm/32inch fence diameter. Size L: Weight: 4500g. Size: 30cm/12inch(High) x 120cm/47inch (fence diameter)

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