Max Min Vivarium Thermometer Hygrometer With 1M Cable For Reptile Thermometer Temperature Probe


Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Indoor Humidity Display
Max Min For Indoor and Outdoor
1m Cable to External Sensors

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Max Min Vivarium Thermometer Hygrometer With 1 Metre Cable For Reptile Thermometer Temperature Probe
Max min memory for both in and out temperature fluctuations – The main unit of the vivarium thermometer also has a hygrometer built in to monitor room humidity levels. Please note the probe with a 1m cable will record temperature only (not humidity) can record maximum and minimum temperatures on the IN temperature (the main unit) and the OUT temperature (probe). A classic max min reptile thermometer hygrometer with a 1 metre cable which can also be inserted inside a vivarium or reptile tank for example.

The unit also has an hygrometer on the main unit to indicate humidity levels and will also display a facial expression.
Indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity display
Max/Min function
Celsius and Fahrenheit
1m cable to external sensors
Main body includes desk stand
Battery: 1AAA (Included)

Technical Information:
Indoor Temperature Range: -10 to +50°C (+14 to +122°F)
Outdoor Temperature Range: -50 to +90°C (-58 to +194°F)
Indoor Humidity Range: 20% to 80% RH
Cable Lengths: 1m
LCD Dimensions: 50 x 41mm
RELIABLE REPTILE THERMOMETER – Monitor the temperature of your reptile tank with this accurate digital vivarium thermometer
GREAT FOR TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY! – Easily measure the temperature and humidity of the main unit location – Please note: The cable does not measure humidity
FANTASTIC VALUE – When it comes to vivarium thermometers, we only offer the best quality and accuracy and this item is just that!
QUALITY GUARANTEED – Our carefully sourced range of reptile thermometers are manufactured to the highest of standards our customers expect
EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – With a wealth of experience our Thermometer World team are here to help with any questions, advice or tips you may have.

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