New – Special Eco Barn Owl Nest Box


New Special Eco Barn Owl Box
Manufactured from Recycled Plastic – No maintenance
Strong and weather proof – Last for many years

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Barn Owls had a poor year for breeding in 2013, these iconic birds need all the good homes and nesting boxes they can find. The brand new Eco Barn Owl Nest Box has been developed using our experience with our class leading Barn Owl Nest Box which was designed in collaboration with the Barn Owl Trust. Apart from the wooden floor (which helps to keep the nest dry), it is entirely made from recycled plastic, it requires no maintenance and has an extremely long life expectancy. We have added features to make it easier (and safer) to put up, to shed rain and snow better, to improve ventilation and drainage, and to provide better perching, exercising and landing opportunities for a pair of owls and their owlets. This box is suitable for use inside a building such as a barn, or externally and can be fixed to a tree, wall or post. Tastefully coloured black and green, the Eco Barn Owl Nest Box blends into its surroundings and looks very attractive to the human eye, while providing the ideal home for a family of Barn Owls. Enjoy the pleasure of seeing the owls quietly roosting and going about their daily business, and the baby owlets growing and exercising. You could even fit a camera to the internal bracket provided, and watch them in the secret space of their own home. Features that the box provides include:- Nesting box manufactured from tough plastic, which has superior thermal insulation and heat retaining properties. Gently curved and sloping roof, integrated with the sides of the box and overlapping the front and back, to keep the inside dry. Ventilation and concealed drainage distributed throughout box, designed to reduce condensation and keep the owls healthy. Sacrificial wooden floor (we suggest you replace it every few years) designed to wick any condensation away from the nest. Sturdy front platform with fence all round for landing and for the young owlets to exercise on.
New Special Eco Barn Owl Box
Manufactured from Recycled Plastic – No maintenance
Strong and weather proof – Last for many years
Pop hole and walking platform with safety barrier
Indoor or outdoor use – Only the floor is made with wood

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