Pet + Me Multi-functional Grooming Brush for Short Hair Dog, Yellow


Removes shedding hair and dander with amazing ease
While grooming, your pet will love the massaging action
Made from 100% silicone which is allergen free

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Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush – Yellow / Red

Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush is a revolutionary and multi-functional grooming silicone brush which massages as well as removing hair.

Why Should I Buy The Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush?

Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush is a fantastic and unique Dog Grooming product which has been developed for pets of all coat types, whether long or short, silky or wiry and those with thick undercoats.

Developed in Switzerland, Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush is manufactured from highly durable silicone and has a lifetime guarantee. Silicone is very flexible and soft and therefore is gentle on your dog’s coat and skin. The Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush is recommended by vets as it can be used around sensitive areas such as the ears,eyes mouth and underbelly. It is even suitable for use by small children to help them learn how to groom.

The multi-functional Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush can be used in numerous ways. These include caring for your pets coat, leaving it glossy and healthy. As well as this, it helps you to maintain general hair removal including the topcoat and undercoat of your pup.

As well as this, your dog will love that this brush gently massages the skin and muscles. This in turn stimulates the metabolism and healing muscles, skin and joints. Plus, it strengthens the coat and stimulates the hypodermis. These factors make it perfect for shampooing, ensuring a deep and even lather.

What’s more, it helps with the painless removal of encrusted sebum from dogs coats. And it removes hair from clothes, furniture, cat seats and carpets – What a plus!

The Pet + Me Dog Grooming Brush is available in two variations for dogs:

Yellow (medium silicone): for dogs with short hair, short thick hair, short wiry coats and long silky hair and soft undercoats

Red (firm silicone): for large breed dogs, dogs with long hair, double coats, thick coats and

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