Petnat Dermacton Cream for ITCHY Dogs – Professionally recommended for itching & hair loss. Stops itching and scratching…


Rapidly STOPS itching & scratching
Calms Sore Irritated Skin
Fast Hair regrowth

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Natural anti-itch steroid free cream, which really works!

Dermacton is a steroid-free natural cream for itchy dogs and dogs with skin irritations.
It quickly calms itchy irritated skin and stops dogs itching, licking and scratching.

Each Dermacton product is natural and steroid-free and contains a unique itch-free soothing formula of essential oils and herbal extracts in an easily absorbed but nourishing cream base. This advanced recipe quickly calms sore or itchy skin and promotes rapid hair regrowth.

If your dog has sore irritated or itchy skin, you may have already tried special diets & regular bathing; expensive tablets with the risk of side effects; numerous preparations and wonder whether there is anything you can do naturally to relieve your dogs itching.
Finding a successful, cost-effective and easy to use solution used to be difficult; however you now have an alternative with Dermacton, which has been successfully helping itchy dogs for over 12 years. The Dermacton range of natural skin relief products for itchy dogs are the result of many years of development and are loved by dog owners worldwide. This highly effective system works together to quickly soothe & relieve your dogs’ itching and sore skin, and prevent further scratching and biting, and has already brought relief to thousands of dogs of different breeds worldwide.
✅ RAPIDLY STOPS ITCHING & SCRATCHING – Contains highly effective natural ingredients, which work quickly to stop itching & scratching.
✅ CALMS SORE IRRITATED SKIN – and safe to use on sore broken skin.
✅ FAST HAIR REGROWTH – Promotes rapid hair regrowth – Perfect for bald areas. Highly effective too for black skin or thickened skin. The nourishing qualities of Dermacton Cream help to get the skin back into healthy condition and encourages hair re-growth.
✅ QUICK, EASY & PLEASANT TO USE – High quality, non-greasy cream with pure essential oils & herbal extracts. The easily absorbed petroleum-free base means easy application & quick to soak in to the skin.
✅ ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIFUNGAL AND NATURAL WITH NO STEROIDS – Contains our unique Dermacton formula, using specifically chosen natural ingredients for their fantastic anti-itch & soothing properties, plus skin repairing properties

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