Pond Filter Pump: 90.000l CBF 350 degree C + eco and UVC filter + 10 metres of pond hose pipe


Bio-pond filter CBF 350C

10 meter pond hose pipe is available in 40 mm, 1 1/2 inch 

UVC clarifier 36Watt

The suitable UVC clarifier from Sunsun is attached to the filter. Extremely easy to attach. No additional hose or pump is required.

Eco-6500 pond pump 50watts, low power consumption

Our ECO pond pumps save a lot of energy. Please compare the power consumption of our eco-pond pumps with those of our competitors. They are very quiet and fitted with a ceramic axle. The pumps switches off automatically when there is no water in the rotor. They also have a motor protection in case there is a blockage.

Effective multi-filter system that is simple and easy to use.

Thanks to a slide system, filter materials are very easy to clean.

Included, among the coarse and fine filter media is a Japanese mat, which also cleans the water.

The current water temperature is easy to read on the dial

Additional information:

Item Name: CBF 350C

Pump performance: max. 15000 l/h

Dimensions: length 132 cm, width/depth 54 cm, height 41.5 cm

For ponds with fish: 40,000 litres

For ponds without fish: 90,000 litres

Hose connections Input:

19 mm (3/4 inch)/25 mm (1 inch)/32 mm (1 1/4 inch), 40 mm (1 1/2 inch).

Hose connections Output:

40 mm (1 1/2 inch)/50 mm (2 inch).

Filter Material: Coarse and fine filter as well as Japan mat

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