Purple Pets Traditional beds


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It’s time to put the paws up. Strong, comfortable and with a pretty design, is the traditional purple dog bed the perfect gift for your pet.
This soft pet bed is both cat as well as loved by dogs and also makes their owner happy. Each bed is dirt and water resistant and can be either red or sky blue. A removable cushion to provide additional comfort for the schlummernden Cat or Dog.
Dogs that like to be playing with, in soft love to landing and that is why our cups a rubber anti-slip coating on the bottom. The Elite High Bed is easy to clean, as with the flip of the unzipping, you can take out the cushion. You can choose the bed Machine Washable Inside Out On. For a better result we recommend but a wash by hand.
, We design our products to ensure that your pet is at ease. Rigid bed frame are often uncomfortable. We have the border our beds can designed to work in these soft, so that your pet be comfortable so much it. And at the same time, they are sturdy enough to support your pet. This means that the bed can be easily stored or transported.
The traditional dog bed is available in 3 different sizes Available for a nominal fee. The small Bed is suitable for toy dog breeds such as Chihuahuas (and is also an ideal bed for your cat), the middle fits perfectly with spaniel or miniature Schnauzern and the large is ideal for your border collie. It is easy to build and comes with its own assembly and care instructions in five different languages. Put your favourite blanket your pet for family odour in the bed and you will see that your pet an instant found your new favourite place for a nap.

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