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37% Protein This floating food with Wheat Germ is particulary suitable for use in the early spring and in the autumn for your koi. The feed is easily digestible making it flow in the intestine of your koi. Contains Beta Glutans which stimulate the immune system of the koi and also prebiotics and probiotics to improve the intestinal health. Feeding advice : At a water temperature above 8 degrees you can feed multiple times a day in small portions or when the koi are active. Never feed more than the fish will eat within five minutes. Please note: Orders placed for 6kg will be despatched as 3 x 2kg tubs meaning only one tub will need to be opened at a time. Thus guaranteeing the freshness of your food for longer. Analysis average : Crude protein 37% – 6% crude fat Crude fiber 2.3% – 8.8% crude ash – moisture 7% 29% carbohydrates (including sugars approximately 2.2 grams) 1.3% phosphorus – calcium 1.7%, sodium 0.3% Vitamins: A IU (IU) kg 25,000 – D3 IU (IU) 2.800 kg E mg / kg 220 – C mg / kg 330 Trace elements: E1 mg / kg 83 – E2 mg / kg 5.5 E3 mg / 1,1 kg – E4 mg / kg 5.5 – E5 mg / kg 22 E6 mg / kg 88 Ingredients : Fish meal, wheat, soy (decorticated toasted), Wheat germ, wheat gluten, fish oil, krill meal, yeast, anti-oxidants

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