AntHouse – Natural Sand Ant Farm – Big Acrylic Wall Kit


True anthill, valid for the raise of ants, with queen. It’s an original and decorative ants nest that you can hang on the wall.
Natural and Ecological Sand Anthill, Observe how they live and make their tunnels.
Ants already included, with Queen, workers, eggs, larva, all complete.

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Kit Contents Big:

  • 1x Acrylic sandwich (25x20x1 cm)
  • 1x Acrylic forage box (20x10x10 cm)
  • 1x Acrylic lid
  • 1x Feeder
  • 1x Drinker
  • 1x Connection tube
  • 1x Ant colony
  • 1x 10 gr of Protein syrup (food)
  • 1x 750 gr Mixed Sand / Clay (for space where they live)
  • 1x 50 gr Sand for decoration (color according to availability)
  • 1x 50 stone granules (decoration for the forage box)

Easy installation:

  1. Add the brown sand inside the sandwich (EYE! don’t forget to moisten it before introducing the ants).
  2. Connect the sandwich and forage box using the connection tubes.
  3. Plug excess connection holes with cotton to prevent leaks.
  4. Once the anthill is mounted -and to facilitate the construction of the galleries by the ants-, make a hole with a stick in the sand.
  5. Introduce ants manually: Pour the contents of the transport tube into the sand sandwich, all with great care and if possible close to the hole made in the previous step, so that when they fall into the sand they have a shelter.
  6. Bring food as close as possible to the ants, placing it as close as possible to the hole or area where the ants are, avoiding dirtying the sand.
  7. Decorate the forage box with a very thin layer of sand, stones, etc.

Attention: Do not wet the whole land, only a piece, since we run the risk of forming a mudflat. It is recommended to use 5-10ml of water (it depends on the temperature and time of the year, since the more heat the greater the vaporization).

Warning: The maintenance of the anthill is the responsibility of the customer and the natural wear and tear of the use of the materials is not covered by the guarantee.

The Natural Sand Ant AntHouse Kit Big Acrylic Wall consists of an Acrylic Sandwich (25x20x1 cm) and a Forage Box -including the top- (20x10x10 cm), which have two hooks to be hung on the wall. Suitable for breeding ants. Including ants (queen, workers, eggs and larvae) in a test tube – in which they were born and in which they are in optimal condition – with food and water for two weeks.
In the kit AntHouse Wall Big the sandwich -space where the ants will live- is connected through a connection tube to the forage box -used as space to deposit the food and as a garbage dump for the ants-. We can decorate it with extra sand and some small plant or stone.
Natural and Ecological Ant Hill. See how they live and make their tunnels. The AntHouse Wall Big kit includes everything you need to get started in the world of ants, you won’t need anything else!
Professional ant-breeder that guarantees the good state and survival of ants. Our ant farms are manufactured in Spain. Recommended for ant colonies of more than 50 workers in small species and 25 in large species.
ATTENTION: Do not clean with alcohol or any other product other than soapy water, as it may cause the material to break. If it is still used, it will be the responsibility of the customer.

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