Pet Essentials – Sphagnum Moss Reptile Bedding and Reptile Moss, 100% Natural 250g Resealable Perfect For High Humidity…

🐸 SPAGNUM MOSS REPTILE BEDDING: 100% natural Sphagnum Moss – fantastic performance and a perfect addition to any high humidity loving reptile or amphibian species. Common species include Giant African Land Snails, Lizards, Snakes, Bull Frogs and many, many more
🐌 TERRARIUM/VIVARIUM SUBSTRATE: Bring your terrarium to life with, Pet Essentials Sphagnum Moss. Contains no chemicals and is 100% organic – turn your vivarium into a beautiful living breathing jungle. Our moss makes an ideal growing medium for plants such as orchids, ferns and other common terrarium plants. Yet also makes the perfect snake bedding, tortoise bedding or lizard bedding – you’re pet is safe with Pet Essentials
🐍 PETS COME FIRST: At Pet Essentials, we put pets before people. Sphagnum Moss is suitable for any high humidity requirements out performing other reptile substrates. Our live moss can be used from an egg incubation medium through to a naturalistic enclosure covering



Sphagnum Moss Reptile Bedding and Terrarium Substrate – From Pet Essentials

Wild Replication At The Touch of Button

Have ever wondered how to create the perfect environment for your pet?Have you ever wanted to create a mini self-sustaining jungle in your living spaceHave you ever wanted to encapsulate the deepest untouched part of the Amazon Basin literally in your lounge

Read that again – think about what you want to achieve for your pets.

If you are anything like us, we strive to build encapsulating, beautiful, natural terrariums brimming with colour, teaming with life, plants and, most of all, our pets.

We don’t just want a terrarium; we want a living breathing ecosystem of self-sustaining, low maintenance symbiotic relationship between plant life, living cultures of micro-fauna and breath-taking scenery

Sphagnum Moss is perfect for any humidity loving species, it holds up to 10x it’s weight in water slowly releasing it back into the environment, works perfectly for an egg-laying substrate and is completely natural and organic!

Your pets deserve the best, and we deliver!

This is us, we started our business from the passion of animals and wild replication, and we continue to innovate to reach our goals.

Our team are comprised of animal lovers; we understand your pets needs and requirements. We match our product ranges to deliver – both at affordable prices and superior quality. Not only that, but we only use plant-based inks on our labels as well as recycled paper!

Pet Essentials Promise! We know your pet will love our product as much as we do, but if they’re not happy, we will provide you with a complete refund – no questions asked The only thing left to do is – Add To Your Basket and allow your pet to thrive with Pet Essentials.

Sphagnum Moss – 100% organic natural sphagnum moss, handpicked, packaged and absolutely perfect for all moisture loving amphibians and reptile species
Increase Vivarium Humidity Tenfold – Sphagnum Moss can hold up to 25 x it’s dry weight making it absolutely perfect for saturation and increasing humidity in the terrarium/vivarium
Incubate Eggs Effortlessly – Sphagnum Moss is an excellent egg incubation material that provides excellent humidity levels with minimal effort. Well used and recommended for colubrids and gecko eggs
Sustainable Forestry – our Sphagnum Moss is sustainably sourced, its rapid growth cycle and sustainability ensures that it has little impact on on the environment – unlike peat moss

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