Swell Reptiles Premium Corn Cob Granules – 10 litres



Swell Reptiles Premium Maize Corn Cob Granules is a natural substrate that is ideal for desert animals or those that live in a dry arid environment such as bearded dragons, snakes or leopard geckos. Best of all, because it’s an own brand as part of Swell’s brand match, you have the quality while also saving money when compared to big name brands. Swell Reptiles Premium Maize Corn Cob Granules are a 100% natural substrate made from the centre of the corn cob, making for a sustainable and nice looking reptile substrate ideal for bearded dragons and leopard geckos.Maize Corn Cob Granules have a nice scent and texture and looks just like ground up popcorn! So they make a unique looking bedding in your desert or woodland vivarium.It is hygienic, absorbent and completely natural. This substrate is so versatile it can not only be used for reptiles but also animals like rabbits. Replace the entire substrate every six weeks.Maize is heavier than wood substrates and doesn’t cause dust.It is part of Swell’s new own brand so will save you money when compared with similar products of corn substrate from big name brands.
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