Trade Chemicals Fresh Pet Small Pet Ready to Spray Cleaner Claw Friendly Disinfectant – 500ml (Christmas Spice)

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Pet safe disinfectant cleaner for all surfaces
Available in over 20 fragrances
Removes ALL germs

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A powerful cleaner, disinfectant and deodoriser, effectively destroying a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses at the source. It eliminates odours and leaves a fresh fragrance. Safe to use on all water washable surfaces, floors, walls, cages, feeding bowls, bedding, toys, runs, yards, carpets, toilets and drains. Destroys bacteria and odours instantly at source Fragrances Available: Alpine – Apple – Baby Powder – Bubblegum – Cherry – Christmas Spice – Clean Cotton – Coconut – Cut Grass – Eucalyptus – Floral Lavender – Lemon – Lemon Pistachio – Lime – Linen Fresh – Orange – Peach & Papaya – Pine – Pink Grapefruit – Strawberry – Vanilla Don’t see your favourite fragrance? Contact Us ** – Contact Details below! Fresh Pet is used to control: Canine Parvo-virus (type 2), Feline Calici virus and kennel cough etc. Also effective against H1N1 Swine-flu, Newcastle disease, TB, Avian Inflenza Virus and foot & mouth etc.. Unlike conventional disinfectants it will not cause detrimental effect to animals and is safe to use around them. This means there is no need to re rinse the treated area after cleaning Effective disinfectant to standards: EN1040, EN 1276, EN13697, EN1650, EN1275 EN 14476:2005. Broad spectrum disinfectant to EN1656, EN1657 for use in veterinary environments Safe to animals paws – does NOT contain phenols, bleaches or pine oils. Can be used on to clean your pets personal hygiene equipment, including feeding bowls etc Ideal for foot baths, and disinfectant mats.
Pet safe disinfectant cleaner for all surfaces
Available in over 20 fragrances
Removes ALL germs

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