Vetzyme Pet Anti-bacterial Ear Drops & Cleanser 18ml


Size: 18ml
Suitable for dogs, cats and small pets
Cleans and disinfects

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Veterinary Anti-bacterial Ear Drops for Dogs, Cats and Small Pets for cleaning and disinfecting your pets ears.

Using Vetzyme Antibacterial ear drops helps remove wax and tissue debris from canine and feline ears.

Regular use will ensure good pet hygiene.

Produced for this reason, it also helps clean and and disinfect insect bites, minor cuts and grazes around the outer ear.

18ml per pack


Ear Drops – Using the dropper provided apply to the ear, massaging as the drops enter the ear canal to help soften and remove wax. This helps avoid build-up of bacteria in your animals ears. Do not probe your pets ear as this can cause pain and damage

Ear Cleanser – Apply drops to cotton wool or tissue and clean around the folds of the ear.

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