WINTEC Bates Dressage Saddle 17.5 Inches / 44 cm, Medium Chamber, Black, Sample


‘Brands high quality aniline leather ° dressage saddle cloth/versatility Attel with Ettiket saddle a test item short and in original packaging original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable) storage the box don’t panic, that is why it need sell original manufacturer: from “Bates Wintec” Australia Custom fityour saddle type: W/Tec 500 AP BLK 17.5 inches/44 cm Med SW 5234 VM 105001 – 2 aniline leather dressage saddle cloth I Versatile saddle explanation: Semi-aniline leather ° aniline leather from leather centre leather Encyclopaedia: Navigation, Search aniline leather, with aniline dyes in the bathroom to remove dyed leather. This product is a porous smooth leather without pigment layer (Colour layer) on the top that can still see the natural properties of the material skin and usually as expensive and precious leather. For Aniline leather only completely flawless hides in question, as the surface structure of the leather it is completely visible. Don’t get has a good all-round tonality leather with fork bites, insect bites, pin tears or horn impacts, to the one in the main areas around the leather skin interfere. A on the surface Verriebener water droplet penetrates & conditions the smooth leather a and darkens the damp areas, as the pores of the leather are not sealed. Aniline leather are are very susceptible to Anschmut tongue and fat impact, as well as against a Ausbleic in sunlight. In the palm of your hand feel aniline leather Wachsig and the look of matte finish. Try to be the name “aniline leather” due to “natural leather to replace, it can make the blood toxic aniline, and are backed with Can not win due to the solid Etablierung popularly. This the term aniline or semi-aniline leather the right word compartment for Description This type of leather.

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